Pearl Jam & Ai

Giugno 1, 2022

IT - Questa serie di immagini è stata generata da una intelligenza artificiale. Si…semplicemente leggendo un testo. Ho inserito alcuni brani tratte da canzoni da uno dei miei gruppi preferiti, i Pearl Jam, e questo è il risultato onirico che ho ottenuto.

EN - This series of images was generated by artificial intelligence. Yes… simply by reading a text. I inserted some songs from one of my favorite bands, Pearl Jam, and this is the dreamlike result I got..

Marco Rossetti

JEREMY - On Mountain tops With him on top. Lemon yellow sun. Arms raised in a V. And the dead lay in pools of ...
BLACK - I take a walk outside. I'm surrounded by some kids at play. i can feel their laughter, so why do i sear. Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin Round my head I'm spinning...
OCEANS - You don't have to stray The oceans away Waves roll in my thoughts Hold tight the ring The sea will rise Please stand by the shore Oh, oh, oh, I will be I will be there once more...
RELEASE - I see the world, feel the chill. Which way to go, windowsill . I see the world’s on a rocking horse of time, I see the verse in the rain
EVEN FLOW - Even flow. Thoughts arrive like butterflies. Oh he don't know, so he chases them away. Someday yet he'll begin his life again, Life again, life again... Kneelin' looking through the paper though he doesn't know to read, ooh yeah

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